The real goal of healing treatment is to help the person who needs it to understand that he needs it. True health can only exist when we use our nature and a feeling unity with the whole: “Life and death, health and illness are one. The true face of the universe includes all things in it good, bad, life, death, health, illness all of it. Healers do not heal us. The healing is already there in the wholeness“.

Real goal of todays healing, True health

The wish to purify the body really reflects a subconscious longing for Self fulfillment. But many get bogged down in physical health and it becomes an end in itself; they never go beyond a concern with the body to achieve true spiritual emancipation. Awakening implies the dropping of body and mind.

The spiritually healthy person is one who has seen into the true nature of things and is able to creatively adapt to his environment – that is, to respond freely and fully to changing circumstances without anxiety. Ultimately, behind all chronic illness lies spiritual dis-ease. The gnawing sense of unfulfillment sickens the body, and a sick body makes a perturbed mind sicker.

The relationship between the healer and patient is crucial in the process of healing. Jean Klein: “A true doctor can see more or less immediately where the illness arises, but he questions his patients as if he didn’t know. He asks a lot questions because he knows that the patient, in order to answer the questions, must look at his illness objectively, and in this there is some distance from the illness. It is this distancing which is the beginning of healing.”

Physical illness is often created by psychological problems which produce physical reactions. The structure the conditioned personality acts as a barrier to the natural flow life within us.

The result of this opposition and disharmony is illness and malfunction. “Every illness is a reaction, so it is important for the patient to first accept the illness, not as a concept but as a percept. In accepting it you don’t feed the illness any more. Functionally accepting and living with it is the only way to healing“.

The very word, the idea of illness already predisposes you to being ill, creates it even. As soon as we classify our sensations into categories so as to name them, our imagination, charged with emotion, already very vivid in this field, feeds what we could call a malfunction. You should never name this malfunction, for this only feeds the imagination and confirms your illness.

This in itself prolongs the malfunction. In my view malfunction is a signpost. The best way to bring a malfunction to an end on either the physical or psychological plane is not to refuse the sensation, the perception. You must accept it but this does not mean accepting it orally or psychologically both which are a kind of fatalism.

Accept it to tally, actively. Acceptance is lucid, watchful awareness in which all the facts are seen. It is this acceptance the facts of the situation that brings about the cure. When you live in acceptance, illness no longer has any substance, and you have then the greatest possible chance of getting better.

Non-acceptance prevents all possibility of a cure being brought about. So the first thing a doctor must do is instill in the patient the correct attitude so that he can live with himself.

Clear seeing all the elements the situation comes when there is no involvement in the perception, when it is seen objectively. This un-involvement is the first step toward freeing ourselves. It is only when all the facts have been seen that creative action occurs. In acceptance intelligence and right action appear. Acceptance liberates all potential.

In certain spiritual communities subtle transformative energies and refined teachings may be directly transmitted to a receptive group by means of telepathic communication: Exercises and studies help to develop finer organs of perception.

This is the first part.

The second part is to be in circumstances in which that which is to be perceived is more richly present.

The third part is equally important. It consists of the direct transmission and reception, from one body to another, of communications which are too fine to be perceived by the ordinary methods.

Direct transmission can be called a telepathic communication from an individual or a group, acting as an amplifier for a certain original Truth, capable of transmitting to a less-developed individual or group.

This is one of the functions of a teaching individual or teaching group. Such people or groups are ultimately dependent upon the existence of a correctly aligned and harmonized ‘receiving group’ for their operation to be successful. In addition to ‘projecting’ upon such groups, they can, however, affect people and groups which have a certain harmony but may be unaware of the source their inspiration.

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