How to Boost Your Self-Discipline Every Day. If you’ve been implementing what we’ve been discussing in this book, you should definitely be in a better position to control your impulses. To cap it off, here are some more exercises that will help you put your self-discipline to test while building it at the same time. Luminox Adventure Watches. Exercises for Developing and Boosting Self-Discipline

Boost Self-Discipline

       Give Up Your Seat

If you are travelling in a train or a bus, or are attending an event, and are comfortably sitting on a seat, then an elderly person or a pregnant lady walks in, try to give up your seat. Get up and ask that person to take your seat even if you don’t want to get up. Although this seems like a polite gesture, it is actually putting your self-discipline to test. If you can control your impulses of saying no, then you will be one step closer to becoming the version of yourself that you want. When you do something that doesn’t excite you, or you’re hesitant to do, you control your emotions and desires and discipline them.

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       Do a Chore Right Now

If there are dirty dishes lying in the kitchen sink, or there are clothes in the laundry basket that need to washed, just get up and do that chore right now. Don’t postpone that task. Say, ‘I can do it’ and get up then do the task. Taking immediate action helps you overcome laziness and consequently improves your self-discipline.

       Make a Big Change to Your Routine

This exercise is excellent for promoting self-discipline in your personality. You need to make one big change to your daily routine. For instance, if you drink tea or coffee with some milk, then you need to give up the milk for one week, or if you have the habit of drinking four cups of tea daily, then cut down to two cups for one week. Exercises of this sort help you understand that if you can change your habit for a week, you can change it for good. This can in turn boost your self-discipline and the confidence you have on your ability to follow whatever you’ve committed yourself to do.

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Find out that one habit you are used to the most and bring a drastic change to it. You’ll feel cranky for the first two to three days, but you need to keep going and by the time the fifth day arrives, you’ll feel good about yourself. This will give you the courage to make bold changes in your life in a disciplined manner.

       Choose Stairs Over Elevator

If you take the elevator to reach your office, then try taking the stairs for one week. You need to stick to this routine in order to control your desire of taking the easy route. Self-discipline is all about making tough choices and choosing the right thing so this exercise will certainly help you control your desires. Moreover, it will help you burn more calories.

These practices help you slowly discipline yourself, give up your unnecessary desires, and control your emotions, which is very important in your quest to building your self-discipline.