Telepathic communication over great distance. In ancient times, so called simple or primitive people, such as the Australian aborigines, the Lapps of Finland and North and South American Indian tribes, would regularly communicate with each other telepathicaly at a great distance.

Telepathic communication at long remote

Tradition also holds that many initiates of inner esoteric teachings can recognize each other by direct perception and communicate across time and space. Refined abilities such as telepathy are said to work with the ‘finer qualities’ of existence by contacting the essence of a person or situation.

The need produces the result. Sporadic and occasional manifestations of telepathic ability are regarded as the initial stirrings of new, evolutionary ‘organs of perception.’ It has been hypothesized that there is a relationship between telepathy, hypnotism and magnetism, although their action may exist on different levels or scales and modes of transmission.

Gurdjieff explored this possibility in talks with his students: Magnetism, hypnosis and telepathy are phenomena of the same order. The action of magnetism is direct; the action of hypnotism is at a short remote through the atmosphere; telepathy is action at a remote.

Telepathy is analogous to the telephone or telegraph. In these, the connections are metal wires, but in telepathy they are the trail of particles left by man. A man who has the gift of telepathy can fill this trail with his own matter and thus establish a connection, forming as it were a cable through which he can act on a man’s mind. If he possesses some object belonging to a man, then, having thus established a connection, he fashions round this object an image and, acting upon it, thus acts on the man himself.

Many spiritual teachers develop unusual telepathic powers enabling them to read minds and gain knowledge at a remote. Some are believed “to maintain a telepathic contact with ‘past, present and future’ teachers, and giving them the means to project their message, through his teachings.” Individuals with telepathic ability are sometimes called ‘heart spies.’

The Sufi Nuri was called ‘Spy of the Heart’ because of his capacity to read the minds and thoughts of others. An interesting first-hand account of the occurrence of telepathic communication is reported by Ouspensky in an unusual event involving Gurdjieff: And with this the miracle began.

I can say with complete assurance that Gurdjieff did not use any kind of external methods, that is, he gave me no narcotics nor did he hypnotize me by any of the known methods. It all started with my beginning to hear his thoughts.

I noticed that among the words which he was saying to us there were “thoughts” which were intended for me. I caught one of these thoughts and replied to it, speaking aloud in the ordinary way.

Gurdjieff nodded to me and stopped speaking. There was a fairly long pause. He sat still saying nothing. After a while I heard his voice inside me as it were in the chest near the heart. He put a definite question to me. I looked at him; he was sitting and smiling. His question provoked in me a very strong emotion.

But I answered him in the affirmative. “Why did he say that?” asked Gurdjieff, looking in turn at Z. and Dr. S.
“Did I ask him anything?”

And he at once put another still more difficult question to me in the same way as before. And I again answered it in a natural voice. Z. and S. were visibly astonished at what was taking place, especially Z.

This conversation, if it can be called a conversation, proceeded in this fashion for not less than half an hour