Chökyi Wangchuk Rinpoche body reincarnation. When reached Derge Gönchen, where he remained for several weeks making generous donations to the monks, offering ornaments and furnishings for the monastery and lavishing gifts and donations to increase the capital that the monastery kept for the performance of particular rituals and ceremonies.

At that time, the monks of Derge Gönchen were profuse in their praise of him for accruing great benefits for the monastery, appropriate for one who bore the name Gönchen Khyentse, by which he was now known.

Chökyi Wangchuk Rinpoche practice, rituals

The first day of the year he left without warning for the Detsen Ritrö hermitage, where he remained for more than a year in strict retreat. Next he went to Gyawo Ritrö to see rigdzin Kunga Palden, where he practiced the essential methods of the profound secret instructions. In that famous hermitage, only two caves existed as sites for practice, one big and one small. In the larger one, which was also the place used for gatherings, Chöky practiced meditation.

The Book Of Death, Bardo Todol

Kunga Palden, by now aged, had numerous and important disciples, but it was difficult for him to impart in that location all the initiations, explanations, and profound instructions that they requested. The principal residence of this lord of siddhas was a famous monastery known by the name Galingteng or Galing Gön, founded originally by Lhalung Palgyi Dorje. Ling Repa Pema Dorje restored the Palgyi Dorje temple and taught there.

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Later, the famed Anyen Tampa stopped at the temple on his return trip from China and unsaddled his mount; for this reason, some explain, the monastery is called Galen, which means “remove the saddle.” However, most affirm that the name Galing Gön, by which the monastery is known, derives from the fact that Anyen Tampa, whose family name was Ga, had gone there, built a Mahakala temple, and had new murals painted of the eight principal protectors of the Sakyapa teachings.

Gangteng monastery was therefore not only the residence of the lord of siddhas Kunga Palden, but a sacred place blessed from ancient times, as it still is today. Thus the lord of siddhas considered it highly important.

Given that the site was of such great spiritual power he together with Chökyi and his disciples, began to construct an edifice where they could gather comfortably to give and receive teachings. The people of Sulpa, the valley where Galing is located, and the monks of the monastery, with the support of faithful benefactors, built a beautiful two-story house meant to serve as the residence of Kunga Palden and Chökyi Wangchug.

During the summer of the year of the Wood Bird, the two masters met and gave special teachings to many disciples of that region. One day while the two masters were practicing together an offering rite to the divine guardian Pegtse Nöjin Chamsing, this spirit manifested and promised to protect the teaching. This sublime vision appeared not only to Chökyi Wangchug but also to Lord Kunga Palden. Thus the latter urged him to request the divine guardian to act.

Heka Lingpa, complying with the desires of rigdzin Kunga Palden, performed a profound rite of prayer and offering, asking the intervention of Pegtse Nöjin Chamsing. To satisfy completely the request of the lord of siddhas, he in turn promised to take responsibility for completely the request of the lord of siddhas, he in turn promised to take responsibility for Galing monastery.

Meanwhile, the administrator Ngadrag was making preparations to enlarge the residence of the lama and to create a powerful position for himself at Galingteng, but Chökyi Wangchug impeded him. During the winter and spring, master and disciple went on pilgrimage to the Gyawo hermitage where, as with one mind, they dedicated themselves entirely to practice.

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In the meantime, the administrator amplified the lama’s residence. When Heka Lingpa returned to Galing, he was extremely saddened. Granting the administrator more than a third of the assets of the residence, he dispatched him to his own territory. Ngadrag returned to Trayab, this place of origin, and died after little more than a year.

Chökyi Wangchuk practiced rituals for the dead man and dedicated many virtuous actions to him.

From that moment on, Chökyi allotted his time without hindrance between the Galing residence and the Lhadrong monastery, where he would go occasionally to impart profound initiations and instructions. In the year of the Fire Dog (1946), Kunga Palden and his disciple Chökyi went together to the Galing residence and gave countless initiations and innermost secret instructions, alternating moments of teaching with practice.

During the winter and spring, master and disciple remained in the new palace, teaching and practicing, particularly the Dzogpa Chenpo yangti teaching. It is said that the two lamas took turns for periods of several weeks at a time in a special dark retreat house built for that purpose on the top floor of the Palgyi Dorje temple.